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Official student newspaper of Alabama State University

The Hornet Tribune

Official student newspaper of Alabama State University

The Hornet Tribune

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Interested in writing, photography, sales or design? If so, The Hornet Tribune has a lot to offer. Our staff is comprised entirely of Alabama State University students interested in improving their writing, communication and design skills. If you are interested in any of the following, consider joining The Hornet Tribune.

  • Improving your writing skills – By joining The Hornet Tribune, you will learn how to write articles for a range of different sections including News, Opinions, Lifestyles, Entertainment and Sports. In addition, you will learn how to interview sources and improve your skills to analyze information and ask the right questions.
  • Sales opportunities – As part of the business team, you can hone your salesmanship by selling ads for the paper. Sharpening your sales skills can help you become a better marketer or manager in your professional career.
  • Design skills – The Hornet Tribune maintains two mediums of publication — both a print and online format. If you’re interested in graphic design, you’ll have the opportunity to work with section editors to help design layout the paper on a weekly basis. Doing so will help you expand your graphic design portfolio as well.
  • Photography – Our staff is also responsible for taking photos for the paper. Among other things, lessons are held by fellow students on topics such as how to shoot sports, portraits, landscapes etc.

Staff meetings (for writers) are held weekly on Sunday at 5 p.m. virtually.

Students will gain professional experiences on deadline in an electrifying, digitally evolving newsroom.  Our staff is divided into three divisions:  Communications and Public Affairs, Media Advertising and Marketing and Editorial and Digital Operations.  Under Editorial Operations are six departments:   Digital and Interactive Media; Editorial and Reportorial; Presentation and Design; Recruitment, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Talent;  Standards, Ethics and Quality Control;  and Visual and Multimedia.

The Hornet Tribune reporters have covered high-profile events and have made an impact on audiences. They’ve led nationwide coverage of William Jefferson Clinton’s visit to the university and uncovered emails linking his visit to the Student Body president and leading to a resolution for his impeachment.

Our staff has gone on to professional internships and fellowships at The New York Times, and other local newspapers.

Being part of The Hornet Tribune staff also connects students to a large and diverse distinguished alumni network. Our alumni work at many of the same national, local and regional newsrooms mentioned, and start public relations firms.

I don’t have experience. How do I even start?

We will train you! In our recruitment process you work one-on-one with our  recruitment managers to learn reporting and news writing essentials. The first step is just to sign up, which you can do here.

What exactly does the recruitment process involve?

You complete practice assignments that cover journalism basics and give you experience with interviews, research, AP style and more.  All recruits start with basics, but you will focus your later projects to an area of our news coverage that mosts interests you: news, culture, sports or opinion.

This usually takes people most of a semester.

Do I have to be a journalism student?

No. Our mission is to offer experience to any ASU student who wants it.  Our only stipulation is that you are currently enrolled.

What if I have experience from high school or a college I transferred from?

Complete the recruitment interest form and a member of our team will contact you about the best place for you to start.

I want to join — but I hate writing! Is there something else I can do?

Yes. We train designers, photographers, videographers, social media editors, digital producers and more. You go through the basics to learn about news writing, AP style and journalism ethics, but then you can move into other areas of the newsroom.

My parents and friends say journalism is a dying field. Why should I sign up?

To them, we say: You’re wrong! While traditional newspapers don’t have the same revenue they used to, online news is growing. The Hornet Tribune was one of the first student news organizations in the country to go digital-first and our online readership has grown exponentially over the past two years. You will learn hands-on skills that can help you get a job.

I’ve heard it takes a lot of time to be part of The Hornet Tribune. How many hours a week do I have to put in?

It’s up to you. You can work at your own pace to best balance with your class schedule.

Could I get paid?

Newsroom paid positions include: editor, designer, digital producer, photo or video editor, podcast producer, social media editor and newsletter editor. You will need at least a semester of experience as a contributor to be ready for one of these positions, which we call “desk editor” jobs and which require greater time commitments.

Contributing writer, photographer, illustrator and videographer positions are not paid.

On the business side, you can apply directly for paid positions when they are posted. These include account executive, digital marketing manager, business assistant and promotions roles. You also can apply for unpaid intern spots.


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