SGA Chief of Staff Alana Foster will make students voices heard


ESaeLynn Cameron/Staff Photographer

SGA Chief of Staff Alana Foster, a native of Mobile, will serve as the liaison between executive committes and the SGA President.

Khalil Stewart, Staff Reporter/Writer

The Student Government Association chief of staff is a role that is typically unseen but is not always easy to fulfill.

Student Body President Gem Richardson selected Alana Foster, a senior majoring in rehabilitation services with a concentration in addiction, as the 2021-22 SGA chief of staff. Richardson believes that Foster is the best person for this job.

“I selected Alana based on her interview score,” Richardson said.  “I interviewed four individuals, and she scored the highest. I knew that us being friends prior to my presidency would cause people to question how she got the position.”

According to the SGA Constitution, the chief of staff position is an appointed position that must be confirmed by a two-thirds majority of the Student Senate.  The chief of staff plays a large organizational role in student government, Richardson said, and also acts as a liaison between the executive officers and the six standing executive committees.

“Alana oversees the 6 standing committees in SGA,” Richardson said.  “We work together to manage the committees and the programs and events they offer. She has been a great addition to our team. Foster brings a stern and confident touch to the administration.” 

Foster said what made her want to join this staff was her drive to make students’ voices heard. She said that the previous staff  “Didn’t leave the best lasting impression,” and she does not want that to be the reputation of this administration, which is one of her most important goals,  leaving a “good image.”

“That is what the SGA is all about, making the students’ voices heard and needs to be met,” Foster said.

Her role on this staff is to oversee and make sure that everyone on the staff is on track and meeting the needs of students. When SGA President Gem Richardson and Vice President Jaylan Brown cannot be at a meeting or event for some reason, Foster will stand in for them.

As for what she feels are the struggles for ASU students she mentioned the top problem on campus currently is financial aid. Foster admitted that this problem has been going on since she was a freshman here. She understands the students that are struggling with receiving their refund checks and getting assignments for college work-study.  That is one of her biggest concerns right now for students. 

Foster is a 21-year-old native of Mobile, Alabama, Foster has a minor in psychology and attended Murphy High School in Mobile, where she was the secretary for the SGA high school staff.