Students respond to construction of new pod in Shuttlesworth


Ephrem Tilahun

Aramark Food Services remodeled the front of the Frederick Lee Shuttlesworth Dining Hall so that a convenience store could be constructed for students who are in need of small items during the evening hours and may not have transporation to pick up the items. The pod is scheduled to open this spring and will offer a variety of goods that students will need.

Malaysia Davis, Staff Reporter/Writer

In October 2021, the Aramark Corporation began constructing a convenience store pod near the front of the Fred Shuttlesworth Dining Hall. Since the time construction began, the project has slowed, and students are beginning to question whether the pod will actually be open to students.
Aramark Manager Xavier Hicks answered several questions regarding the pod’s progress.
“The pod will contain convenience items such as electronics, bulk cereals, toiletries, numerous bottled beverages, milk, ice cream, all types of snacks, nuts, and candies,” he said.
Hicks said the hours of operation are still up for question. However, he is pushing for the business to stay available for students until 11 p.m.
Senior Ashley Boone says she would love to know more about the establishment because there has never been a convenience store on this campus.
“Other than the bookstore in the student union, they’ve been building the store in the cafe for a while now. I just hope they finish it before I graduate in May. I’d love to use it,” she said.
Junior Jaylan Thompson agrees.
“I was excited once I saw they were building a new store in the cafe. We need a mini grocery store in close range because not all of us have cars to get around,” she said as well as a Family Dollar that is within walking distance from all of the residence halls. After the 5 o’clock hour, most students travel to these locations when in need of personal items. Having a convenience store located on the campus allows those students to purchase the items on campus rather than having to walk to those locations in cold weather.
“I would love to see what the school has to offer, we’ve been waiting since last year, and they haven’t had any progress,” said freshman Ashley Baker. “So I hope they get it up and running before the school year ends.”
The Fred Shuttlesworth dining hall will be releasing more information on the pod’s opening sometime within the spring semester of the 2021-22 school year.