The Hive debuts its first “Rip-the-Runway” event



“The Hive” featured a number of fashions during its “Rip-the-Runway” event that was held on Oct. 12 in Lockhart Gymnasium.

Brionna McCall, University News Reporter/Writer

Alabama State University’s newest modeling organization “The Hive” presented a “Rip-the-Runway event Oct. 12.
Students in attendance were filled with excitement as the members of the organization strutted across the “runway” in their best fits.
Malik Booker, vice president of the Hive, said the organization is full of magic, creativity and love.
“We are all getting involved in modeling, getting to do something that we love and that we are passionate about,” he said.
To show what the Hive was all about, members picked people from the audience to see who could give the best model walk. The participants were ‘feeling themselves’ as they each took turns strutting up and down the floor.
Jared Shelling, a junior computer information systems major, said the models did an amazing job strutting and showing off their walks.
“They had a part where the models had an opportunity to get people from the crowd out on the floor and show how they walk,” he said. “Overall, from what I saw the event was amazing, they did a wonderful job and they made sure the crowd was interacting.”
Kalee Seamon, a sophomore elementary education major, thinks the modeling experience is inclusive.
“You got to see people from the crowd who got to participate in the diversity of the group, and I think that they were very welcoming to the people who came,” she said. “I was very glad to come and experience it.”
Jayna Patterson, a sophomore bio pre-med major, said “The Hive showcase featured a lot of different creations from different people on our campus and I thought it was a great representation of our culture and our people’s creativity.”
Alexa Mathis, a senior biomedical engineering major, said she loved the event.
“The way that it was artistically put together and the choreography, it was really nicely done,” she said. “I would say, this was bigger than what I thought it was, and I’m really happy that I came. I can’t wait to see what they bring out in the future.”