Craig tapped as the new SGA Chief of Staff


Desiree' Mack/Chief Photographer

The “No Limit” Administrations Chief of Staff Dax Craig served as a senator for two years before being tapped for his new role.

Nefsa’Hyatt Brown, Editor-in-Chief

Of the executive officers of the “No-Limit” Administration that were officially sworn in on Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. Student Government Association (SGA) Chief of Staff Dax Craig, was a familiar face.

The senior, chemistry major began his career as a senator-at-large in 2018 and 2019, and since that time the Pittsburgh, Pa. native made his mark in student government. As a result of his constant engagement with the students as a senator, many speculated that he would run for student body president. However, after taking some time to “self reflect,” he realized that becoming the chief of staff is where he could maximize his skill set.

“For an extended period of time, I did entertain the idea of being either SGA President or Vice President,” Craig said, speaking candidly about his previous student government aspirations. “However, I took time to self-reflect, realize my strengths and weaknesses, and determine what would be the best combination of leaders to move the SGA forward. My preference has always been to operate behind the scenes, so the chief-of-staff position was the perfect fit for me.” 

As a “behind the scenes” character, Craig’s duties as the chief of staff are not outlined directly in the SGA constitution. Recognizing that, Craig said “there are few expectations” of his role, Craig took the liberty to oversee the new SGA Internship Program, each executive committee, and collaborate in all SGA correspondence compositions. He hopes that by the end of his term, he will have played an integral role in laying the groundwork for the SGA internship program, making it an annual occurrence and ensuring that the executive committees are effective and efficient. Furthermore, he hopes that the next administration will officially add the chief of staff position to the constitution. 

While overseeing the SGA internship program, Craig took on the responsibility of having two interns: Dasani Stallworth and Meadow Williams. Stating that they have “helped tremendously in all business surrounding the internship program and the executive committees,” Craig excitedly commended them on their work. As a team, they have completed three projects and are preparing to complete two more before the fall semester comes to a close. 

In terms of his accomplishments, Craig has collaborated with administrators in the formation of both COVID-19 and customer service surveys, assisted Miss Alabama State University Yasmine Whitehurst and the royal court, as well as the Beta Eta Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in the creation of the Build-a-Hornet Mentoring program. He has also established guidelines for the SGA Internship program, composed various forms of correspondence forwarded to our student body, and conducted interviews for SGA position vacancies. 

Slated to graduate in May 2021, Craig has already begun constructing his post-graduate plans. Following graduation, he plans to work as either a consulting analyst or a sales accountant for two to three years to gain practical work experience. After gaining the necessary skills he needs, Craig plans to enroll in law school and pursue a career as a patent attorney for a chemical or pharmaceutical company. 

“I would like for students to know that although I appear to be this unbelievably accomplished person, anybody can get to where I am and do what I do in a shorter amount of time,” Craig said, reflecting on his growth throughout his matriculation. “I grew as a leader and an individual through sheer hard work, initiative, and resilience. Although you may not be in an environment that is conducive to your success, you can still make the most of any situation you are placed in. As the great Marcus Garvey said, ‘With confidence, you had won before you started.’”