Take advantage of tutoring while in college

Tammia Jacobs, Senior Staff Reporter/Writer

Tutoring can help students boost their academic confidence, strengthen their subject comprehension, and build their learning skills. The goal of tutoring is to help students establish the academic skills required at school and make them independent learners.

 Whatever the reason might be, tutoring can be quite beneficial because a tutor is to give their students undivided attention, unlike crowded classroom environments. 

Academic coaching is not just about being better at schoolwork. It has other benefits such as improving study and work habits, improving social and behavioral skills, and boosting attitude and confidence.

At Alabama State University, there are several options for students who seek assistance outside of their scheduled classrooms. Here are some words from students who have attended some subject-specific tutoring sessions on campus. 

“Gaining academic assistance has helped me majorly in my classes this year,” said freshman psychology major Desiree Morris. “Since this is my first year, I tried to make sure that I was attending tutoring to stay on track, and so far, it has really helped me maintain good grades. I attend writing and biology success labs.” 

Experiencing an educational environment outside of school can teach students the value of proper study habits. It may include classroom ethics, work conventionalities, and other useful things that your child can use in a classroom and beyond that.

A good tutor teaches their students study habits, which they can use later on in life. 

Mark Hill, Ph.D., from the Department of Language and Literatures, noted, “Providing students with the tools that they need in addition to in-class learning is very important. I like to be very connected with my students through my office hours, and the students benefit greatly from being able to get the academic assistance that they need right away. A lot of students may struggle with writing, so having these tools at their disposal is imperative.” 

Research done by the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations showed that students who receive academic support have higher grade point averages and are more likely to stay in school. The study also found with academic assistance, students are more likely to persist and succeed in college.

“All students can benefit from tutoring! Successful students engage others in their learning and seek help when they need it,” said Beth Rivas, interim director for the Tutoring Center at Arizona State University.

Students can get a dual benefit from tutoring by gaining a better understanding of the subject. As a result, when students are studying independently, they can focus and stay organized more effectively because they have someone holding them accountable for fully grasping the information.

According to the National Academic Advisement Association, “Through tutoring, students’ level of motivation and their attitude both are improved. It helps them in reaching their highest academic potential and prepares them for a successful life ahead.”

 A tutor should teach and encourage their students to think critically about the problems and find solutions accordingly.

“I have always struggled comprehending math, so I found out about the Student Success Labs math tutoring. Personalized tutoring sessions have improved my critical thinking performance,” says sophomore business management major Kendall Woods. “Many students on campus aren’t aware that there is tutoring offered here on campus. Working with a tutor offers additional individualized learning to support the classroom learning experience. I have definitely noticed improved grades on my assignments since attending the math labs tutoring here on campus.”