Richardson to deliver State of the Association Address



One of Gem Richardson’s responsibilities as the Student Body President is to deliver a State of the Association Address twice per semester. She plans to deliver the SOAA on Sept. 24.

Khalil Stewart, Staff Reporter/Writer

The Student Government Association at Alabama State University hopes to generate dialogue between the SGA and its student body with the delivery of the “State of the Association Address.”
Student Body President Gem Richardson, a biology pre-health major, is scheduled to deliver the address during the third week of September. A specific date, time or location has not been released, but students are encouraged to attend once those details are released.
In the State of the Association Address, the Student Body President will outline his or her achievements and recommendations.”
Richardson, who was elected as the Student Body President last April, views this address as an opportunity for students to learn accountability. She emphasized that students should understand accountability through this year “because students have a right to voice their opinions on what they feel is best for the university, and if they (university) fail to meet those expectations, students have the right to call them out on it.”
Richardson hopes that students will have a better understanding of her administration’s policies. She plans to address the University’s COVID protocols as well.
She has not yet decided if this meeting will be held virtually or in person. Richardson said she understands that students are “fatigued” with virtual events, but she also knows the reality of COVID-19 cases rising.