University hosts NSAH national conference and meeting



Angela Thomas-Davis, Ed.D., associate dean and professor of oc- cupational therapy coordinated the NSAH annual conference.

Staff Report, The Hornet Tribune

Alabama State University hosted a national conference on March 31-April 1.
The National Society of Allied Health held its annual conference and meeting was held at the John L. Buskey Health Science building.
The theme for this year’s conference was “The Future of the Allied Health Professions Workforce.”
The event was coordinated by Angela Thomas-Davis, Ed.D., associate dean and professor of occupational therapy, who also serves as the president of the National Society of Allied Health (NSAH).
Thomas-Davis said that the historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) majority organization is composed of Allied Healthcare professionals, including participating university faculty and staff, and various other practitioners in the field.
“Our professional membership organization is committed to improving the health status of Black citizens and marginalized populations across the nation through community service, education, employment and robust research since its inception in 1974,” she said. “Myself and the NSAH board are thankful to university President, Quinton T. Ross, Jr., Ed.D., his leadership team and so many others for the support and donations, which made this meeting possible.”
Representing the university on March 31, at the opening session (held in the Denise Chapman Auditorium) was Vice President for Institutional Advancement Colonel Gregory Clark (retired).
Present to bring greetings on behalf of Ross and the university board of trustees, Clark, a United States Army veteran, told the assembled professionals that his service to the nation made him most appreciative of all that they contribute to the welfare of the country.
“As a 33-year veteran of the U.S. Army, no one appreciates Allied Healthcare professionals more than the members of the nation’s armed services,” Clark stated. “As a small gesture of our appreciation of this national event being held on our historic campus, we were honored to sponsor a reception in their honor at our newest entertainment venue, The Nest, which is located beside The ASU Stadium.”
> In a written statement to the attendees, ASU’s President Ross welcomed the members of the prestigious organization to the campus.
> “We are honored to have this gathering…who represent Historically Black Colleges and Universities from across the country at Alabama State University,” Ross shared. “The mission of ASU’s College of Health Sciences aligns directly with the NSAH’s goal of addressing the health disparities that still exist for the nation’s underrepresented and disadvantaged populations.”