Sanders nominated for “College Journalist of the Year ” for SEJC competition

Micah Sanders, a senior communications major, takes the top spot at Alabama State University as he was nominated for SEJC’s College Journalist of the Year Award


Staff Report

In just three weeks, the current editor-in-chief of The Hornet Tribune, Micah Sanders, will know the decision of the Southeast Journalism Conference’s (SEJC) competition judges for the coveted title of “College Journalist of the Year Award.”

Among a field of 24 universities and colleges scattered over the Southeast that hold membership in the conference, the judges will decide if Sanders will bring the title to Alabama State University as well as a $2,000 award.

The SEJC is designed for journalism majors who work on their university or college newspapers, and the winner of the competition is usually disclosed during the second day of the conference’s annual convention, however, the convention was postponed due to the incline of the coronavirus in the southern states. This year, it will be disclosed on Feb. 26.

Judged on the submission of a resume, two letters of recommendation, three work samples and a personal essay of at least 500 words addressing commitment and responsibility, many of the winners of the past have served on their campus newspaper staffs for three or more years.

Sanders is unique as he has only served on the campus newspaper staff for a year and a half, but has made significant and notable changes since his entry position as an entertainment reporter. Since that time he has been promoted twice, once to managing editor for reportorial and editorial affairs and second to the top spot, editor-in-chief. Assistant Sports Editor Khalil Stewart shared his thoughts about Sanders’ nomination for the award. “Micah is one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met,” he said. “His commitment to his job goes beyond the ability to explain. When I joined this staff I was in search of people to model my work ethic after, and Micah was that for me. I think Micah works twice as hard as anyone else nominated for this award, and I’m hoping his hard work is recognized and awarded.”

Sports Editor Kendal Manns agrees. “If anybody deserves this award it’s Micah. His dedication and work ethic is unmatched. Despite having so many things to do, he manages to produce week in and week out. He has a special talent and I really hope he gets the praise he deserves.”

General Manager of The Hornet Tribune, Kenneth A. Dean, J.D., was not surprised by the nomination. “I have watched a number of students hold leadership positions on this campus newspaper over the years, but Micah Sanders will always stand out because I have never seen a 21 year-old who is both a multi-tasker and multi-talented,” Dean said. “He writes and researches a number of stories each week and edits every story that is placed in the newspaper, while maintaining a high grade point average. He also has a great understanding of the First Amendment and that is really important for people in this industry. So the nomination is no surprise to me. He definitely deserves it!”

Sanders’ professors share their sentiments about his nomination for this award.

“Micah Sanders is a high achieving student who has always exemplified journalism values,” said Ashla Hill Roseboro, Ph.D. “When Sanders was named editor-and-chief of The Hornet Tribune, I was elated to see that his knowledge and work ethic would leave a valuable imprint at Alabama State University for years to come. This achievement warmed my heart, because he is certainly deserving to be a Student Journalist of the Year nominee for the Southeast Journalism Conference. Sanders would be an excellent choice. Student recognition is very important to celebrate those who go above and beyond. Micah Sanders demonstrates his commitment to the journalism profession. He is one of my students who I will be looking out for in the coming years. I expect great things ahead in his future.”

Kimberly Baker, Ph.D., has similar thoughts.

“Micah has my highest regard as a student and a person,” Baker said. “He is kind, conscientious, and dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. His academic achievements alone would warrant being awarded Student Journalist of the Year for the Southeast Journalism Conference. His character, drive, and willingness to help others, elevate him to top status. I can’t wait to see all the great things Micah will continue to accomplish in life and in the field of journalism, including, hopefully, being awarded this prestigious honor!”