Stallworth sworn in as 70th SGA president


David Campbell/University Photographer

SGA Executive President Dylan Stallworth listens carefully as the Student Supreme Court Chief Justice Edward Brown administers the Oath of Affirmation during the formal investiture of elected officers.

Brionna McCall, University News Editor

Alabama State University Student Government Association (SGA) Executive President Dylan Stallworth, SGA Executive Vice President Trint Martinez, SGA Executive Treasurer Tre’von Conner and SGA Executive Secretary Hope Smith were formally sworn into office during the presidential inauguration, Sept. 23, in the Ralph David Abernathy Auditorium. The program, which was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. actually began at 6:50 p.m.
Despite officially taking the Oath of Office before May 1 as each officer is constitutionally required, they are each formally sworn in again during the beginning of the fall semester for the entire student body to witness.
Stallworth, who was elected to be the 2022-23 SGA executive vice president, was now taking the Oath of Office as the 2022-23 SGA president. According to Stallworth during his acceptance speech, power may be defined in multiple ways.
“The Power Administration defines power as stability, influence, push, progress and making a change together,” he said. “Any change requires power. The power of our student body, our voices, our administration, alumni and community friends. Together, we have that power to move mountains and be the trendsetter for all.”
He continued by stating why determination is so important when leading.
“In order to push forward, you cannot look back on your past mistakes or regrets,” he said. “You must move onward. Some things are part of your past, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a part of your destiny. O’ Mother Dear, she allows us to grow, to explore, to spread our wings, to be ourselves and to learn from ourselves. This year is about pushing forward and waking up. We’re going to turn it up, tighten it up and push it forward.”
Stallworth concluded by informing students to never doubt what God can do.
“He took nine free slaves from Marion, Alabama, who desired to build a school of higher education for Blacks, and as a result, we are proud of their work,” he said.
Former SGA president Gem Richardson provided the students with the seven principles of being a student leader at Alabama State University.
“As a leader, you must stay strong and perform your duties to the best of your ability,” she said. “As a leader, your integrity should never be compromised for the sake of popularity, a meaningless experience, or at the sake of your name. As a leader, you should walk into every room with your head held high, ready to advocate for the student body, regardless of the opposition that you may face. There’s always going to be someone against you, but that does not negate the fact that you were called to serve and will do so with confidence and grace.”
According to Richardson, a leader may feel that they have no room for error, but they are always a student first.
“As a leader, your position is of extreme value. This is not a game,” she said. “The influence and the impact that you have on the student body, as well as the community, will follow you far beyond 915 South Jackson Street. As a leader, character outweighs reputation… As a leader, you have the responsibility that no other student on this campus possesses. Understand that and move accordingly.”
Martinez gave special recognition and closing remarks, thanking everyone for the role they played in shaping the SGA into who they are today, as well as for their important roles in making the inauguration happen.
The event included special guests such as Miss Alabama State University Aleah Robinson, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Freddie Williams Jr., ASU’s ROTC, the University Choir, Stallworth’s sister, Dasani Stallworth, and SGA officers from other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
Stallworth concluded his speech with an encouraging message to the student body.
“My fellow Hornet nation, this inauguration symbolizes the beginning of a journey, so come and join me on this journey, and let us step out and have the power to push forward,” he said. “Remember, one candle can light a room, just as one life can make a difference. So let us push forward together… I promise you this is only the beginning. I owe, I love and I thank you.”