Could it be Alexandria Thomas?



SGA Executive Secretary Candidate Alexandria Thomas makes her case for why she should be the next SGA secretary during the ‘Meet the Candidates’ event.

Denise Ringo, Staff Reporter/ Writer

Q. Give me a short job description of what you feel is the job of the SGA Executive Secretary.
A. “My job description as SGA Secretary is always to keep the minutes of every executive board meeting, I will also make agendas and also to help the president before the student body does, and always make sure I’m activating and being transparent with the students.”

Q. Do you really believe that the SGA Executive Secretary should be considered an executive position?
A. “I do feel like the Executive Secretary should be on E-board because they are a crucial part of the whole entire E-board they are the gatekeeper of all the information without the secretary honestly the E-board could not last because the secretary holds all the information for them.“I feel as if I’m the best candidate for this position because this past year being Miss SGA I started watching E-Board.” I feel like I can contribute to the love and passion I have for Bama State.”

Q. There are some people who believe that the newsletter should be published more often. What are your thoughts on that?
A.“As the secretary I want to bring it back the newsletter every month, and if people feel like monthly is not enough then I would push for bi-weekly and also have their access online because a lot of people do not do a paper copy.”
Q. What are your strengths and what is your weakness and how will both play into the way you handle things if you are elected?
A. “I would say one of my strengths would be my resilience even when I’m weak I push myself to be the best I can be I live by the motto of always pushing and striving to be my best self. “I think that is also my weakness because I push myself too hard I end up tired at the end and not taking care of myself to the best of my ability.” “I feel like it would play a key role because I would make sure the student body is at the end of the day heard and I make sure I keep that balance because one thing I have learned my Sophomore year is balance and having balance in my life is a crucial key to help me push hard and work hard for the student body and make sure I get me to rest.”

Q. How do you feel about the current administrations, Have they done a good job or not?
A.“I feel like my current administration has done a good job, especially Hope Smith came in and made a huge impact on me she is the reason I want to run I feel like she had done a great job always communicating with the student body as of events and different opportunities and also when Smith came back she started back up the newspapers I started to see more of them.”

Q. If you were elected what would you do differently than previous SGA secretaries?
A. I feel like as secretary one thing that I do want to do differently is to make sure that the newsletter is coming out more frequently but also not only having them printed but sent to email and also through our social media page so we can reach every audience that there is I know a lot of people may not check their email or may not want to come to the office to actually get the printed newspaper but they will go to Instagram and make sure they see it so we can post it on the story so we can reach every audience.

Q.What would you like for your legacy to be if you are elected?
The legacy that I want to leave behind in school in general even if I’m not elated is mentorship because my mentors personally have really molded me into the person I am today and I know that income freshmen, students anybody on this campus can be a mentor or mentor to somebody and help them through life.

Q.What do you see as the most pressing problem that students on this campus are facing?
A.“I feel like everybody’s most pressing problem is housing and administrators for me personally I feel as if disability students and international students are a pressing problem internationally students get overlooked all the time and do not have anybody to advocate for them and also disability not many people know how many disabled people are on this campus and they need a voice so they can have everything they need so they can feel comfortable at this school.”