Could it be Landon Hale?



SGA Executive President candidate Landon Hale addresses the concerns of the students during the SGA Executive President/Vice Presidential debates.

Kendal Manns, Editor-in-Chief

Q: Present a short job description of what you believe to be the job of the SGA executive president?
A: So within the SGA, the president constitutionally is the spearhead, the leader of the Student Government Association. Within this position, you ultimately lead the general student body. Making sure legislation is passed, advocating for the student body, overall bridging the gap between administration, students and the faculty and making that bridge between all of those arrangements. Something that I’m trying to bring forth is to create a family atmosphere.
So really altering all of these things to make a family atmosphere here at Alabama State University.

Q: There are some students who believe that the job of the SGA executive president is not one of representing the students at football games in new suits. There are some students who would rather the SGA president working on issues that affect them daily such as housing, cafeteria choices, parking and other related issues. How would you respond to those students?
A: I agree with those students, considering we’re not Royal Court, if that makes sense. We are here to advocate for the student body and I feel as if in the previous years, some of the issues that we have kind of run into is the individuals not taking their jobs as seriously as they were supposed to, but actually falling into the pleasure and benefits of the position and stuff, the actual work. So falling into love with the work is something that I have kind of taken pride in with being in SGA, to know that the work is what comes first and that’s what’s really needed for the student body. You didn’t sign up to wear a suit or to walk the field that game, you signed up to make actual change to our campus.

Q: What are some of the goals and objectives that you would like to accomplish as the SGA executive president?
A: One of the biggest goals I would like to accomplish is implement a strategic plan. This is something to hold administrations, from now on, accountable for what they said they want to do. During campaign season, a lot of candidates make a lot of promises that we don’t see nothing about or we get no update on. So a strategic plan that drops every summer that can hold Student Government Association accountable for the things that they said they’re going to do for the students. So that is one of my biggest goals that I want to do.
Secondly, another goal is, again, to make real change to our campus. In the past couple of years since I’ve been here, I haven’t seen anything that the Student Government Association could say that just made a tremendous change to our university. It’s kind of, you know, they’re aligned, if that makes sense. So really taking the Student Government Association to the next level. Another one of my big goals is really taking it to the next level, ensuring the student body that it is people here that’s willing to work for them.

Q: There are some students who would like for you to advocate for some changes in the menu that Aramark currently serves students. How do you feel about the menu? Are you willing to advocate for changes in the menu?
A: I’m positive that it’s different protocols and different things that the cafe does have to take. With this being said, students are unhappy with the menu choices that they do have. So that is something that I am willing to advocate and communicate with Mr. Hicks over in the Aramark Center to actually be able to implement a day or something that we could start creating polls, or something like that so students can actually go in and vote for the things that they want to actually have and eat, considering people are far away from home. These are some of the only meals that they are getting and there’s no reason that they should develop that type of treatment, especially when they’re paying so much to attend the university.

Q: When students are asked how do you feel about the SGA Executive President’s accomplishments, most of them respond,“What accomplishments?” What will you do to ensure that students are aware of your accomplishments as the SGA Executive President?
A: So going back to what I said earlier, the strategic plan, that is something that I feel would be very vital to the student body considering now it’s an open line of communication. It’s very transparent. As I mentioned in my platform, the G.O.A.T. era represents guarantee, optimism and transparency. The transparency piece does have a lot to do with that strategic plan. That strategic plan now, you know, holds everyone accountable. You can’t point fingers and stuff of that nature considering you say you’re going to do this, but now, you know, not get it done.
So that is something else that I do want to also implement is, a Student Government Association like website that is like a feed, if that makes sense for Student Government Association that they can update with different days like things in the cafe, different posts and stuff of that nature. So now you can keep up with everything that’s going on with the university as far as events, legislation, administration, possibly even implementing The Hornet Tribune in there as well. But it is like a hub, a natural hub for all students that they can all come in and, you know, be able to mingle and know what’s going on at our university. The newsletter could still be placed inside of the website, but it still would be physical copies as you do still see today.
One of the things that are most remembered about SGA Executive Presidents is the legislation that they advocate to the Student Senate for passing. However, in the last ten years there has not been any legislation that has been sent out to the students as new legislation that they must follow. What will you do to change that malfunction?
Holding each other accountable, holding your president accountable and knowing that change is not going to come again by just wearing a suit or just, you know, dressing up every day, or holding events. You have to really make significant change. That’s something that I can say, like I mentioned earlier, you really haven’t seen it. So to ensure that I can make an impact on our campus in some way, (I want to do) different things like we see on a day-to-day basis that could be changed to actually enhance the student experience again. So enhancing the student experience through legislation is something that I’m very, very big on to be able to make those changes. I know last summer we were working on actually revising the Constitution and getting another one out.
So that’s something that I do want to continue to work on considering like you said, the Constitution hasn’t been updated since 2012, so it is, you know, about time for something new to come in. Like I said, we’re entering into a new era here at Alabama State University. So some of the things that worked then is not going to work now. Cause you know, it’s a different time here at Alabama State University.

Q: Do you believe that the SGA Executive President should follow all of the provisions within the SGA Constitution?
A: Yes, they should. They should follow all of the provisions considering that is their job on paper, if that makes sense. These are the requirements and even more, if that makes sense. So to get all of those things done, that is very key and vital to the position. Because if you can’t hold yourself accountable, that’s what governs you to make sure you don’t have too much power or too much access and all of that nature. So yes, it’s very much needed.
Q: What would you say were the weaknesses of the current administration?
A: Some of the weaknesses I would like to say with the current administration would be, the overall preparedness. Getting things done early is something that I’m really big on that I didn’t really see in this previous administration. So actually getting things (done) early and working as a team and not one person trying to do everything would be something that’s key. Considering everyone has their role in position, there’s no reason for you to try to overstep other people’s boundaries and such as that nature because, at that point, that’s how the team falls apart.
But overall the preparedness. Being prepared weeks early or getting things done on time, stuff of that nature.

Q: Do you feel it is time to amend the Student Government Association and why?
A: I would say yes. Considering it is now time to actually elevate the experience, elevate Student Government Association, taking Alabama State to the next level. I’m not sure if you know, but we have a 64% retention rate. But that being said, that’s something that I really highlighted in my campaign, considering this retention rate comes from a plethora of things from the student experience to the actual academic success of students to the mental health aspect. All of these things are things that actually come together to what makes the experience here at Alabama State University. So making significant change that can actually benefit the student is what’s going to be key in keeping students here at Alabama State University.