Senate approves laundry resolution


Jaelyn Stansbury/Chief Photographer

Students are disappointed with the washing machines and dryers located in the various residence halls and feel that the machines should be updated. Pictured are the washing machines that are located in Jo Ann Gibson Robinson Hall.

Brionna McCall, University News Editor

Alabama State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) held a senate meeting Sept. 22, in the SGA Conference Room. The agenda gave the senators an introduction to new legislation and resolutions, and the senators voted in favor to pass the two bills that were introduced.
Senator Jasmyn Dydell introduced a resolution for weekly laundry room updates.
“The purpose of the resolution is to push for the initiation of weekly laundry updates,” she said. “Many of the washers and dryers are outdated. They’re barely washing, barely drying. The insides and outsides are filled with dirt and grime.”
According to Dydell, many of her peers have pointed out that the laundry rooms are dirty when they first arrive on campus, and after washing, lint gets on their clothes.
“You can wash your clothes for an hour, an hour and a half, and some of them are still not dry,” she said. “Because we pay for washing, I feel like this should be even more of a reason that the washers and dryers should be updated. As stated in the SGA constitution, students do have the right to a safe and healthy campus. With both COVID-19 and Money Pox going around at the time, I feel like the machines need to be thoroughly clean.”
Dydell suggested dedicating at least one day out of the week to cleaning the laundry rooms.
“Students should not be able to wash on these days. I suggested that it should be Monday, because a lot of students like myself, wash over the weekend, especially on Sundays,” she said.
Senator Faith Blackwell introduced the Audition Prep Act, an act for students who are in the College of Visual and Performing Arts that allows students to receive a proper headshot.
“As a theater major, or a dance major or a music major, your headshot has to be specific to your major,” she said. “The process of the headshots will be given a designated time, the headshots will start on Jan. 16 2023, … Students will sign up for a designated slot for their major, so if it’s dance or art, it’s going to be a particular slot which allows whoever’s taking the pictures to submit it to their department.”
According to Blackwell, students will be allowed to take only one headshot per semester.
“If you take one in the fall, you cannot take one in the spring, so it’s just a yearly thing,” she said. “If you miss it, then you will have to do it the second semester, which will allow you to be able to control the budget.”