Could it be Hope Smith?



SGA Executive Vice President candidate Hope Smith makes her case for why she should be the next vice president during the ‘Meet the Candidates’ event.

Denise Ringo, Staff Reporter/ Writer

Q: Give me a short job description of what you feel is the job of the SGA Executive Vice President.
A: I know the job of the SGA Executive Vice President is to not only be the Senate President but to be the person responsible for ensuring students are fairly represented within ASU, by having continuous and effective communication with the student body.

Q: What do you plan to do, if elected, to be more “hands-on” with the student body?
A: My plans are to use the resources that ASU already has to enhance the student experience, such as our ASU buses, to ensure students have transportation to the airport locally and back during academic breaks.

Q: What are some of the goals and objectives that you would like to accomplish as the SGA Executive Vice President?
A: Some of the goals and objectives that I would like to accomplish as the SGA Executive VIce President are to ensure I am leading an effective senate who actively connects with our students to ensure bills are written with the end goal of happy students in mind. Another objective is to connect with campus administration every month to make sure our goals align for the greater good of our campus.

Q: If, for some reason, that you had to take over as SGA Executive President, would you continue what the former president was doing or would you implement a new agenda?
A: I would continue with the SGA president’s plan, because we would already have goals that were set in place that worked collectively.

Q: What would you say were the weaknesses of the current administration?
A: There are no weaknesses but rather certain constraints that prohibit us from meeting some of our goals. However, we work hard each and every day to bring positivity to our campus.

Q: What are the top three qualities you think an SGA Executive Vice President needs to have?
A: The top three qualities of an SGA Vice President are experience, passion and transparency.

Q: What political experiences have you had that would make you the right candidate for this position?
A: I have been in SGA since I was a freshman. From being active in our activities and programming committee, to being a senator and senate secretary, to finally being able to hold an executive position as SGA Secretary, my experience has prepared me for SGA Vice President.