Could it be Tre’von Conner?



SGA Executive Treasurer Candidate Tre’von Conner makes his case for why he should be the next SGA treasurer during the ‘Meet the Candidates’ event that was held in the John Garrick Hardy Center Amphitheater.

Jessica Sims, Staff Reporter/ Writer

Q: Give me a short job description of what you feel is the job of the SGA executive treasurer?
A: The job of SGA treasurer is to oversee and approve all SGA expenditures. Treasurer also leads in construction of the SGA budget each school year as well as audits upon request of the president or senate.

Q: Do you really believe that the SGA executive treasurer should be considered an executive position?
A: Yes, the SGA spends a lot of money and it needs to be managed properly. It also aids in checks and balances with the SGA president and student senate.

Q: What made you want to run for the position of SGA Executive Treasurer?
My experience last year was spectacular and with my familiarity I can expand on my platform to better serve the student body

Q: What do you feel is the best method to raise funds for the SGA?
A: Event fundraisers as well as board of trustees.

Q: What are some of the goals and objectives that you would like to accomplish as the SGA Executive Treasurer?
A: I would like to allocate EVEN MORE funding to different ASU clubs and organizations from the SGA Budget. I also plan on releasing a monthly scholarship newsletter tailored for ASU students.

Q: How do you feel about the current administration, “Have they done a good job or not?”
A: Given the circumstances of our tenure, I believe we thrive in the face of adversity. Next year I think we should stay on the right track.